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TTL Subsea offers a complete line of products for managing and distributing electronics in any subsea environment.


Subsea Electrical Flying Leads

TTL Subsea manufactures electrical flying leads and optical flying leads for subsea interconnect systems.
These can be designed as dry mate, wet mate by ROV or wet mate by diver.

Subsea Electrical Flying Leads

Terminations and Interconnects

TTL Subsea designs, supplies and installs electrical, fiber optic or hybrid subsea terminations.
These come in pressure balanced or 1 atmosphere designs depending on water depth and customer requirements.

Subsea Terminations and Interconnects Subsea Hybrid Terminations and Interconnects

Subsea Oil Filled Pressure Compensated System

TTL Subsea is an authorized provider of Murene subsea oil filled pressure compensated systems. The hose conduit is specially designed as 1st barrier and mechanical protection for copper and fibre optical conductors.

Subsea Oil Filled Pressure Compensated System

  • Download the Product Specification Sheet Here.
  • Download the Product Presentation Sheet Here.


MDCUs and Related Interconnects

TTL Subsea manufactures designs, supplies and installs electrical, and fiberoptic MCDU for customer specific applications.

Subsea MDCUs and Related Interconnects

Subsea Electrical and Fiber Optic Products and Services


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